So, please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookcase on the wall.
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The Raven | Graphite on paper

Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

Artprint by FineArtAmerica available here

For more of my raven-art visit me here:

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I really have funny how things work..

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Be honest even if it cost you things…


Played MK with a good friend in Long Island tonight. Rad.

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what a shit ending for a day sigh…

The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote
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Cool ink..

Cool ink..

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I do really….

I do really….

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Dammm I kept my phone away for like 30 mins 350 msgs !!!!

Sometimes it’s nice not to hear the phone ring…

i wish i could throw my heart in to the ocean…

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